• Venice is spectacular in every shade of light
  • The night is Venice’s time of tranquillity
  • Water and Acqua Alta are beautiful even if they are menacing
  • You’ll marvel at every canal you encounter
  • Getting ‘lost’ in the maze of narrow streets and alleys are what makes Venice fascinating
  • Watching night fall over Venice is ever so romantic
  • Walking through St Mark’s Square after midnight
  • Venice is pure magic
  • Venice is arguably the most romantic city in the world
  • The city is charming at every turn
  • It’s possible Venice has more bridges than streets
  • Palaces, churches and museums
  • Rich, remarkable history of Venice
  • Cruising the canals on a private boat
  • You’ll be inspired by the art, which is everywhere and part of everyday life
  • Just because it’s Venice and there’s no other place in the world like it
  • Be stunned by the detail in everything
  • Pause and drink in every square in Venice.  Or, stop and have a drink in every square in Venice
  • The enduring and formidable architecture
  • Private water taxi, especially from the airport.  What a way to arrive in Venice
  • Picture perfect views 
  • You’ll think you’re in a movie
  • Mysterious streets especially in the darkness of the night
  • Your love affair begins here whether you’re with someone or not

Gallery of Venice Photos

Watch and listen to the Campanile Bells in Venice

Venice Italy GPS Coordinates ::  45.4408° N, 12.3155° E

Map of Venice Italy


Five minutes after arriving on the main island of Venice I thought I was lost.  In fact, I wondered if I’d find my way anywhere much less back to the hotel.  The myriad of bridges over canals, the narrow alleys twisted, turned and led me around far too many corners then confused my sense of direction.  I kept walking and picking out landmarks though there was no guarantee I’d return the same way.  

Eventually, I arrived at St Mark’s Square and this is when my heart melted.  I fell in love.    My love affair with Venice continues today and I’ve visited countless times.  I still get turned around every so often though my heart doesn’t race like that first time.  Moving forward always lands me at or near the place I want to be.

My Best Suggestions To Discover The Magic of Venice ::

::  Take a water taxi from the airport to your hotel in Venice.

::  Take a vaporetto to San Giorgio then look back at the main island of Venice in awe.

::  Let out a deep sigh when you see the Bridge of Sighs

::  You’ll think you’re lost, but you’re never lost in Venice.  Toss your map and explore.

::  Be a tourist and go to the top of the Campanile in St Mark’s Square.  The view will astound you.  If you’re lucky you’ll hear the bells of the Campanile up close and personal.  They are gloriously loud.

::  Visit St Mark’s Square both day and night.  I love night best because few others are there.  You can have your own Venice moment.

::  Take in the view from the Rialto Bridge.  The bridge is overcrowded during the day, so stay up late and go at night.

::  There are plenty of squares throughout Venice.  Find each and every one and drink them in.

::  Buy a Chorus Pass to visit all of Venice’s incredible churches, then marvel at the masterpieces inside.

::  The truth is Venice is magic everywhere you turn and every corner you take.  Be respectful of the locals.  It is a living breathing functioning city.

::  The floating market at Campo Barnaba is fabulous.  Don’t miss it.

::  See where the birthplace of gondolas and where they are made by hand.  It’s fascinating to watch even across the small canal.

::  Your love affair begins in Venice and never really ends.

There are many reasons to love Venice.  If the city is on your travel list, this video presentation will help you discover Venice so you can make the most out of your time.  My best advice – open your mind, your eyes and your heart then allow Venice to do the rest.  You might also want to throw your map away.  A map will not help you much.

Destination:  Venice Italy