How many photos or selfies have you seen of someone walking into or out of a London’s iconic red phone box?  Except for the obligatory photo in front of Big Ben, the red phone box photo might rank near the top of “the photos I must take while I’m in London.” Right?

Where has the London Red Call Box gone?   Mobile phones have killed off this icon of London.  Dotted throughout the London, however, are functional call boxes.  They may still be, but I remember these were a popular advertising point for “massage therapists” and girls of the night.  Imagine this wet behind the ears wee photographer seeing this for the first time!

Where can you find the red call box today?  Parliament Square, Piccadilly Street, Covent Garden, The Strand, Trafalgar Square all come to mind.  There is more no doubt, but these areas I know for sure.  If you want your photo coming out of one, like millions of other people, hunt them down.

I love the red call box with a combination of a little night photography.  Surprising, right?  If you want something unique to do in London, go in search of London’s Red Call Box.

Some phone boxes are being repurposed today.  You’ll find them throughout London as public art, gardens, coffee shops and even a library.  I’ve included a few images below, though, in a future blog post, I’ll explore various creative ways London’s icon is being used.


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