Waterloo Bridge always appears low to me. Maybe this is because looking from Golden Jubilee Bridge I am higher. Perhaps this is simply an illusion, or the heavy looking stone used to construct the bridge. All that nonsense said, simply being on Waterloo Bridge is a feast for the senses and one of the best things in London to do.

If you want the best views in London, make your way to Waterloo Bridge.

On Waterloo, you will get the sounds of London’s iconic double-decker buses roaring by. The buses will pass one after another in both directions. You’ll also see and hear the riverboats rumbling up and down the River Thames. During the day, and especially during rush hour, hordes of people walk in both directions on the bridge. There are wide walkways on either side of the bridge.

Waterloo Bridge connects the Westend with the Southbank, and it is widely used by both walkers and vehicles.

What is there not to see from this bridge? Waterloo Bridge isn’t the prettiest in London, though this is one of the best places to photograph London, and either side of the bridge offers remarkable views. It is safe to say you could spend a few hours walking north to south, south to north, stopping every few yards for a photo opportunity. Even if you are not interested in photography, you will want to walk across the bridge and take in the sights. Put your creative mind to work and put yourself on Waterloo Bridge when Claude Monet painted it from his room at the Savoy Hotel.

So what are the marvellous views from Waterloo Bridge? Looking east along the Thames River you will see – Royal National Theatre, OXO Tower & Wharf, St Paul’s Cathedral with Blackfriars Bridge in view, and The City of London. Looking westward along the Thames River you’ll see – Royal Festival Hall, London Eye, Golden Jubilee Bridge, Northbank, Southbank, Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), and Westminster Palace (the Houses of Parliament). Hands down, Waterloo Bridge IS the perfect place to photograph London.

Most definitely, you can soak up so much of London in one place.

If you are familiar with London, you already know this. If you are visiting London and wondering where a one-stop photo op may be, Waterloo Bridge is it. Also, if you are not travelling with a tripod, Waterloo Bridge has nice edges to steadily prop your camera. I’ve used the sides of the bridge as my tripod more times than I can count when I photograph London at night. Below, you can view some of the images I’ve captured from Waterloo Bridge.

Waterloo Bridge is a fantastic stop for photographers, but so are the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

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