The last of my favourite London bridges, though this is not to say there are no other beautiful bridges in London.  There are, and I will explore these later down the river, as it were. 

Tower Bridge is iconic, and I would venture to say the most photographed bridge in London, day or night.  No visit to London is complete without Tower Bridge on your list of things to do.   If you are into London Night Photography, be sure to add this bridge to your must photograph list.    The views looking westward are indeed brilliant with City Hall, More London Estate, HMS Belfast, London Bridge, the City of London, and last but certainly not least – The Tower of London, in full view.

More than this, there are fantastic spots to photograph Tower Bridge itself.  Walk around City Hall, and the More London Estates.  There are numerous opportunities for various perspectives.  Also, try Butler’s Wharf area by the old Design Museum location and St Katherine’s Docks on the opposite side of the River Thames.  Also, the far north end of the Tower of London (down the steps) is a nice area as well.  The north side of Tower Bridge is in full view and you can also include the Tower of London in your photo.

Do plan to spend some time here, and take your time.  The distances from one area to the other are not terribly far, but a hike. Additionally, plan to step up, and step down, as there are a few staircases you will need to negotiate.  Needless to say, walking from one place to another to capture every possible perspective of the bridge is a good workout.  If you’re carrying heavy camera equipment like I do, the workout is even better.

If you would like to see the drawbridge in action during the day, it is entirely possible.  Try your luck, or to be sure, have a look at the Tower Bridge Exhibition website for the timetable.    

Visiting London’s bridges is a splendid way to explore the city and to be rewarded with unique views.  Throughout this London travel blog, I include Chelsea Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Golden Jubilee Bridges, Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, London Bridge, and the Millennium Bridge.  Not including Cannon Street rail bridge, can you name the two bridges in Central London I’ve omitted?  Albert Bridge is indeed missing, but coming soon, so don’t include this as one of the two I’ve missed.

Below are a few photos of Tower Bridge and the views around the area.

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