Primrose Hill is a hill of 213 feet (65 m) located on the northern side of Regent’s Park in London, and also the name was given to the surrounding district. The hill summit has a clear view of central London, as well as Hampstead and Belsize Park to the north and is adorned by an engraved quotation from William Blake. Nowadays it is one of the most exclusive and expensive residential areas in London and is home to many prominent residents.

For a nice overview of Central London, Primrose Hill should be on your list of things to do. The area sits high enough to view from the London Eye to Canary Wharf in one sweeping view.  What I find most interesting is from the London Eye to Canary Wharf London seems no longer/larger than the Las Vegas Strip.  I need to investigate the distances of both to see if my eyes are deceiving me.

Directions to Primrose Hill from Chalk Farm Tube Station::
Chalk Farm Tube Stop is probably easiest if during the evening: When you leave the Underground Station, head West up Adelaide Road, first left up the gill and over the bridge. Decent pub on the left if you need a refreshing drink. Then veer right down the middle road of three (Regents Park Road) and follow it around. Queens Pub at the end of the road before the park is great.  

 Map showing Chalk Farm Underground Station to Primrose Hill

Directions to Primrose Hill From Regent’s Park Tube Station ::
1. From Regent’s Park tube, enter the park via Park Square East and turn left on to the path heading clockwise.
2. Follow the path around the outer edge of the boating lake and turn right at the top of the lake, past the cafe.
3. Cross the footbridge and take the outermost path round to St Mark’s bridge.
4. Walk over the bridge and go down Prince Albert Road to Primrose Hill.
5. Walk clockwise around the edge of Primrose Hill and head up the slope on the outer path.
6. Towards the top, come off the path to walk around the playing fields to your left, rejoining the path again at Elsworthy Terrace.
7. Walk alongside the wall to the corner of Primrose Hill Road.
8. Take the path up to the top of the hill.
9. Walk down back to where you first entered the park.
10. Repeat this loop around Primrose Hill.
11. After the second loop, go back across the bridge to Regent’s Park and walk down the Broadwalk about 1.2km to the ornamental gardens.
12. At the end of the ornamental gardens, turn left and exit the park to walk back to Regent’s Park tube.

 Map showing Regent’s Park Underground Station to Primrose Hill

I love this area, and it is a quiet part of London simply to sit, watch, and enjoy.  When visiting London you might get tired and need a break.  Primrose Hill is the perfect destination for this.  Add it to your list of things to do while you are in London.

I headed up to catch the blue hour as London’s night lights were turning on – not quite night photography, but close enough with the splendid views.  You can see the view from Primrose Hill in the photos below.

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