This post is when and where I talk about laundry.
If it weren’t for my laundry and walking to Pimlico Launderette, I wouldn’t have a reason to walk along Ebury Bridge Road even though it’s near where I live.

The first time I viewed this scene I stopped and watched in awe.  No doubt my eyes opened super wide.  There she was.  A derelict Battersea Power Station standing in the background of a myriad of rail tracks.  The constant flow of trains arriving at and from Victoria Station simply add to a classic London scene.  The trains are modern but this scene could easily be one from the early 1900’s.  

I rushed to the launderette, dropped off my laundry, then rushed to Ebury Street to pick up my camera before returning to this very spot.  I didn’t want to budge away from it.  

Both trains and Battersea Power Station are fascinations of mine.  Now the two married and I couldn’t get enough.  From that day until the major redevelopment of the Battersea began this was my favourite view with my camera.  No telling how many photographs of mine there are from this very spot – both day and night.  There’s no doubt there are hundreds of images from this view at Ebury Bridge Road.

Today, Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms are undergoing a major, major facelift.  I’m pleased to know the power station will remain for many years to come.  For me, it’s a symbol of London and her early might and a time none of us should forget.  The development around the area I’m not too fond of.  What’s happening is very much “out with the old and in with the new” sweeping away locals and bringing in homogeny.  This sort of gentrification is taking place all over London and I’m unsure this is a good thing in the long run.  For a world that is preaching diversity, we are being served a homogenous life.

To arrive at this destination, travel to Victoria Station Underground.  When you leave the station, make your way to Buckingham Palace Road, which is on the north side.  When you are on Buckingham Palace Road walk westward (away from Buckingham Palace).  Victoria Station will be direct to your left.  There are three cross streets you will encounter.  At the third cross street (and traffic light) turn left.  Cross over using the pedestrian crossing which is at the traffic light.  After you’ve crossed the road, keep left and walk a few hundred yards – you’ll be walking up a slight hill.  You’ll soon reach the spot where you will have the view in the video.  I’ve also included a couple of photographs that include the view from Ebury Bridge Road.  The photos are below.

Map Showing Ebury Bridge Road Location

Destination:  London


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