Long Exposure Photo of Blackfriars Bridge

Blackfriars Bridge is an arch bridge spanning the Thames River. In my opinion, the aesthetics of the bridge are some of the finest in Central London. Maybe the appearance of the bridge is dramatically masculine in my mind and that’s why I appreciate it so much. There are actually two bridges. One bridge is the rail bridge most recently renovated and is now the only solar-powered bridge in London. The second bridge called Blackfriars is for vehicular traffic and pedestrians. The initial construction of the bridges began in 1760, which is interesting because the ironwork takes me only to the Victorian era, which is a mistake to place it in that era.

The Blackfriars Bridge Area has changed drastically since the redevelopment of the rail bridge. While quite a nice update, the rail bridge now masks anything and everything that is eastward along the River Thames. Views from this bridge are blocked. The bridge does have some great colours to play with, especially at night. Looking westward, however, Oxo Tower / Wharf are in perfect view as well as is some of the Southbank. The river curves just enough, and Blackfriars is too far down the river for anything else to be in suitable photographic view.

Blackfriars Bridge and Traffic

The Blackfriars area is still worth exploring, and a nice opportunity to find what is interesting for your London Night Photography. It does take time, so plan to spend some time opening your eyes in creative ways. Walk along the bridge, but on the north sidewalk down the steps for some interesting shots. Below are three photographs I captured around Blackfriars. As you can see, the lighting and play with light streams are what make the images interesting.

Typically, Blackfriars will be on your way as you check off your list of other things to do in London. Stop briefly to admire the workmanship of the bridge if you’re here. Don’t make a special effort to go here otherwise.

Long Exposure Photo of London UK

For better views of London, you will enjoy Westminster Bridge or Millennium Bridge.

Map Showing the Location of Blackfriars Bridge





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