On any given day, people watching in Trafalgar Square can be entertaining.  Simply choose a place, stand/sit, then take everything in.  It is possible you will see almost anything.  And then for a change of pace, move to a different area of the square and repeat.

Trafalgar Square is also splendid for photography.  I name this area one of the Best Places To Photograph London in my book.  The views are incredible and there are numerous attractions mere steps away.  If you love street photography, you will not be disappointed here as people pass through all day.

There is plenty of entertainment, whether it is organised or by happenstance from everyday people like you and me.  People dance, others perform some sort of acrobatics, music blares, and huge bubbles float through the air.  People sit, people stroll and the kids run.  You’ll see the latest fashions as well as fashions that shouldn’t be seen in public today.  You will also hear more languages spoken in the relatively small area of Trafalgar Square than you will in your own hometown.  If there is something to celebrate, you will probably find it celebrated here.

Organised entertainment takes place often in the square.  And, no doubt you’ll run into a huge protest in Trafalgar Square.

You can be who and what you want in London.  No one will stop you as long as what you are doing is within the law.  No one is here to judge you.  This is the beauty of London.

This is quite a contrast to my previous post, A Night in Trafalgar Square.  You can easily see the difference in how you experience the square – day to night.  Do you want constant chatter and distraction during the day?  Or, do you want a quiet moment with London?  Your choice or choose both.

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