Temple Station on the District/Circle Line is one of my favourite Underground Stations.  I feel as if it’s 1899 all over again when the train stops. The station exterior hasn’t changed save for today’s dress and advertisements.  It is also quite possible the news stall outside the entrance has passed generationally since the late 1800’s.  I wouldn’t doubt this ponder of an idea and I’d love it even more if the idea were true.

What’s more, I can hop off a train, sit on a bench on the platform and take in the station if I’m so inclined.  I’ve done this and I always see unique elements in the design of the station I wouldn’t see by simply passing through.  The ornate iron posts stand along the shiny concrete platform and are painted with soft creme paint and accented with a deep maroon hue.

The station is not often used during off-peak travel times making public transportation almost delightful.  In fact, I’m often the only soul on the platform when I alight from the train.  Rarely is there a piece of rubbish anywhere to be seen as if no one at all had been in the station before me.  Could it be a ghost station? 

No, during working hours, and especially during rush hour, Temple station bustles with people like any other Central London Underground Station.

Everyone says I should think and act with disdain toward the District/Circle Line because chronic signal failures make the train schedule unreliable.  Since I don’t seem to experience the issues I hear about, the Circle/District Line remains the route I choose when using the London Underground.  The line is easy and especially convenient with Victoria Station being my home base.  In the video, you’ll see how I entertain myself when I pop off a Tube train and sit on a bench before the next train arrives to take me away.

Love it, or loathe it, the London Underground is an engineering marvel.  For the most part, the system works efficiently.  Given that the London Underground is the oldest in the world it really is brilliant.  How will it cope with the continued population growth, who knows?

What are your experiences on the Underground?

Destination:  London

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