After (or during) the rain, London is perfect to photograph.  A little water will not melt you, nor hurt your camera, I promise.  The reflections can be splendid making for wonderful, and not often seen, London images.  In fact, when grumpy weather arrives, which it can do so often in London, that is a cue for me to grab my camera and head out the door.

At one point, I had a bright idea to capture London reflection photos even when there was no rain.  Is this possible?

I will not reveal my secret except to say the images included below were not manipulated in Photoshop.  Honest.  You’ll see the Royal Exchange in the City of London, Buckingham Palace, London City Hall, the Apple Market in Covent Garden, Victoria Memorial in front of the Palace, the Golden Jubilee Bridges and London EyeHarrod’s and a double-decker bus, and the gates at Buckingham.

What I wanted to discover were scenes where we do not often find reflections.  The project worked nicely with an Olympus camera, which is not a full frame.  When I switched to the Canon 5D’s, and the Hasselblad H4D and H5D did not work out as well for what I was doing.  I’m not sure if the full frame sensors created issues or the lenses, but the images turned out horribly.  And sadly, my beloved Olympus camera is long gone.

Thus, the project has been put on the back burner, though there is a small book in production.  One day I will this project with a film camera as I found these images to be the best.  I very much enjoyed thinking outside the box to create the images and hope you will enjoy them as well.

Any ideas on how these were captured?

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