The grandest view of St. Paul’s Cathedral is achieved while walking atop the Millennium Bridge from Tate Modern.  I often call the bridge the “Path to St Paul’s”;  it is simply stunning at all times during the day.  

The Millennium is the newest edition of bridges in Central London and well worth the journey across in either direction.  It links St. Paul’s Cathedral to Bankside and the Tate Modern Museum.  I highly recommend exploring St Paul’s, the Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern Museum from all possible perspectives.  This area is one of the most interesting for visitors and photographers alike.

The Millennium Bridge is a 330m steel bridge and the first pedestrian crossing over the Thames in central London for more than a century.  The bridge opened in time for the first year of the new Millennium though closed when the deck swayed like a drunken sailor.  The bridge was instantly renamed as “The Wobbly Bridge,” and after two days of random swaying, swinging and oscillating wildly, the bridge was closed down.

After nearly two years of testing, alterations corrected the issues and the bridge reopened to the public in February 2002 – the swaying stopped.  After all the excitement of its rocky birth, the bridge is now a valuable asset to London, appreciated by Londoners and tourists alike.  The Millennium Bridge is a worthy addition to London’s riverside and well worth a visit.

Try walking across the bridge at night when there are few people around.  Take normal steps and you’ll hear yourself echo as you glide along the modern structure.  Often bicyclists cross the bridge at rapid speed, though they are not supposed to do this.  When the bikes do whiz by, you’ll also hear a steady rumble as the tires rotate across the ridges of the Millennium Bridge floor.  These are London sounds I fondly remember.

I’ve taken numerous photos of St Paul’s Cathedral from this spot on the Millennium Bridge.  This is one of the most spectacular London views in my opinion ::



Destination: London


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