The fun of exploring London is winding through the many curved streets and narrow alleys.  There is a bit of mystery and suspense, especially at night.  By the way, GoPro is not that great to use at night.  In fact, GoPro is horrible in low light situations.

Without giving away future London destinations, I will simply say there are many alleys throughout the city I will share in the future.  From Brydges  Place off St Martin’s Lane (shown in the video in this post) to The City of London to Mayfair, Fleet Street, St James’s,  Bishopsgate, the top of Tottenham Court Road, and more, there are areas that will take you from 2019 back to Dickens’ days.

The key is to let the imagination run wild.  Be bold near dusk then meander through London’s alleys during the night.  The narrow passages will make you feel confined with nowhere to go.  The visual lines created by the layers of bricks add an illusionary tension during your stroll.  
But, don’t stroll.  Walk fast.  

Who is at the end?  Whose shadow is on the pavement?  Is there anyone besides you in the alley?  The glaring light at the end of the alley is a wee bit blinding, if not also mesmerising.  The narrow passage coupled with your fast movement gives a sense of mystery.  Is anyone lurking behind you?  How can you escape?  Can you escape?    I love London for this very fact.

The video included in this post shows what it’s like to walk through a darkened London alley at night.  Check back soon as I will include an entire tour of interesting alleys throughout the city. 

If you’re visiting London for the first time, explore any one of London’s alleys.  Streets in London are narrow.  They were never meant to accommodate modern day traffic.  The narrow alleys are a reminder of London’s past and well worth discovering.

Destination:  London

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