London is like Disneyland for photographers, especially night photographers.  

Almost 60% of the population leaves London after working hours making the city all the more easy to navigate, and photograph. Additionally, if you use a tripod, (which I don’t) you can set it up without being in the way of other Londoners.  Londoners are not so patient when their passageways are blocked.

It is safe to say London night photography has made me an eternal night owl!  I was not always this way.  I used to be a 9 o’clock sleepy time kind of guy.  

I have spent years, months, and numerous hours capturing London with my camera for an upcoming book. I know the city well.   To help you in your own quest to find the best places to photograph London at night, I have compiled the list below.  In later posts, I will expand on what you’ll find at each stop.

20 Best Places to Photograph London
(In No Particular Order)
Piccadilly Circus 
Streets of Soho
Covent Garden
Trafalgar Square
Parliament Square
Westminster Bridge
Victoria Embankment
Albert Embankment
Golden Jubilee Bridges
Southbank / The Queen’s Walk
Waterloo Bridge
The Shard
London Bridge
Old Billingsgate
City Hall / More London Area
Tower Bridge
Primrose Hill
Square Mile – The City of London
Hyde Park Corner

London is not short of photo opportunities so the list could go on.  The one issue I notice with visitors to London is they try to do and see everything in one short trip.  This is not possible because London offers so much in one small area.  It’s true.  My best suggestion is to make a list of the things you want to see and do, then take each day as it comes.

Also, make a list of what you want to photograph.  As I’ve photographed the city, I categorised London into areas – east, west, Soho, Westminster, etc…  In each category, there are numerous sights I wanted to capture.  By making such a list, the task of photographing London becomes manageable and you’ll end up with images you’ll love.  You don’t need to rush.  You can take your time and explore interesting perspectives.  The list works.  In fact, I still use the method because I’m not finished photographing London, nor do I think I will ever be finished.

Where are your favourite places to photograph London?

Below is a gallery of my favourite London night photos.

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