Can you imagine viewing London with no people?

When I set out to photograph London at night, my main goal was to capture the city, one of the most populated in the world, empty.  That’s right.  I aimed to have no people in the photographs.  One would think this would be a challenging task, though it really hasn’t been. The real challenge is London’s rapidly changing skyline.  

I would photograph an area around the Square Mile, then need to return as an omission of a particular new building would have been too obvious.  The Shard is a prime example.  There are super images captured from Tower Bridge in my London photo library, but The Shard is either non-existent or in various stages of construction.  Needless to say, the photos ended up on the “cutting room floor.”

Well, Hello Shard!  Hello Walkie Talkie!  Hello Cheesegrater!  Your emergence created issues and slowed the progress of my project.  I had to return to your area more times than once.  This is not a complaint.  I love capturing London with my camera, but the changes have been more obvious to me and I tend to be a perfectionist.  My goal to get it right makes me return over and over again.

All that said, with a diversion, London at night is simply beautiful.  When the lights come on the city shines gloriously, and seems to be a bit more stately, or grand.  What is missed during the day, stands out at night almost demanding due attention.  There are no crowds of people distracting you or masking your view of London’s grand character.

I’ve been on a mission with my camera.  The truth is – I’ve seen more of London and learned more about the city roaming alone at night.  I take my time studying the great structures around town; the sounds of London are amplified and even the smells of London are more noticeable.  It’s just me, the city I love, the city I want you to love and my camera.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Below is a small selection of photographs I captured for this project.  It remains to be known which will be included in the book. The images for my book remain locked away and they will not be seen until the book is released.  




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