The heart of London is the Thames River, so it is only natural for London’s bridges to be a highlight for any visitor (and Londoners)  Each Central London bridge has its own character and design.  Some are opulent, some simple and some stately.  Which is your favourite bridge crossing the Thames?

When thinking of London bridges, immediately Chelsea Bridge, Westminster Bridge, the Golden Jubilee Bridges, Waterloo Bridge, London Bridge, the Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge come to mind.  These are my favourites.  A new pedestrian bridge is in the works to connect Nine Elms to Pimlico and I’m delighted to learn the “Garden Bridge” is an expensive idea that will not happen.  London is just fine without a garden on the Thames.

Only since 2012 and the Summer Olympic Games some of the bridges have been lit with colour.  At first, the illuminated hues were appalling to my eyes; now the coloured bridges tend to be Disney-fied versions of their former selves.  London, you’re trying to be something you’re not!  I say let the bridges “speak for themselves.”

Anyone of the bridges is a super place to explore with your camera as there are so many images that can be captured.  If I could give one bit of advice for someone who asks, “where is the ideal place to photograph London,” my answer would be – choose a bridge or a few.  Spend a lot of time on each one.  Click away.  I especially love the glow of the city at night.  As a photographer myself, I can think of no better bridge than Waterloo Bridge, which connects the West End to the Southbank.  

From Waterloo Bridge, you’ll have incredible views of the London Eye, Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, Golden Jubilee Bridges, the Royal National Theatre, St Paul’s Cathedral, and of course, the City of London.  Quite honestly, you could spend a couple hours on the bridge if you’re a photographer.  If you are only wanting to soak in London’s spectacular sights, Waterloo Bridge should be on your list of things to do.

I’ve spent many an hour on and under so many bridges in London, from west to east.  I know them and know them well, though one bridge is blatantly missing.  Do you know which bridge?

Have a look at the video above which includes London’s bridges from Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge and almost everything in between.  Find your favourite and then go explore London via the Thames.

Included below are a few of my favourite images of the bridges in London:



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