A video of Trafalgar Square at Night.

During the day, Trafalgar Square is full of people zig-zagging in all directions. The square has always been a meeting point and even a point for protests. Today, you’ll find numerous entertainment events that run the day to night in Trafalgar Square including buskers in various locations.

The time I love Trafalgar Square the most is during the night. The grandeur of the square is amplified after dark when the crowds thin out. And, depending on the time of night you’re there, you could possibly have the centre of London entirely to yourself. Stand overlooking the square with the National Gallery at your back. The views are splendid and you can appreciate the great city of London all the more.

In view is the glorious St Martin-in-the-Fields, a glimpse of Charing Cross, Canada House and even Big Ben in the distance. If you look up, I’m sure Admiral Nelson reaches into the heavens. I don’t know why Nelson looks higher in the sky at night, but he does. The sound of the fountains is louder at night and they almost sound as if you are near a waterfall.

The passing double-decker buses are especially fun to watch as they circle the roundabout then jet off into Whitehall or Charing Cross Road. If you like night photography, Trafalgar Square is an ideal place to capture light streams. Of course, there are all of the other sights I mentioned to photograph as well.

London is one of the most populous capital cities in the world yet there is calm and a bit of peace in the centre. Late at night, there are few stragglers. Very late at night, there is no one but me here. At night, the quiet moments; just me and such great rich history surrounding me. It is during the night when I love London best.

Below are a few images of Trafalgar Square that I’ve taken over the years.


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