Roger Gonzalez Porto





Like The Gentleman Wayfarer, Roger is a Million Miles from Ordinary.  He joined our dynamic team in October 2018 as social media manager as well as video editor.  Be on the lookout as Roger adds his contributions giving insight to all things Colombian, Caribbean and style.  Roger currently resides in idyllic Cartagena and is a notable influencer for travel and men’s style.

Roger wears many hats in the operation tho’ his are far more stylish and colorful.   Follow Roger at his Popular Instagram account where he shares all things Cartagena including the best events in the city, cool restaurants, where to find the best entertainment as well as the best in men’s style.

We are currently working on big projects that will make Roger a more familiar face at the blog.  Stay tuned as Roger will offer fresh insight, inspiration to enrich our lives and thoughts about travel you might not have thought of.