Let’s Collaborate

Who is Mark Paulda?

I’m Mark Paulda, The Gentleman Wayfarer.  My entire professional career has been dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs (and wants) of a discerning clientele.  From planning, creating and producing high-end events to working with the biggest party in the world – the Olympic Games, I know what appeals to the senses of this group and I know what motivates them. Today, I combine my marketing experience with creative digital content creation in the travel industry such as hotel properties, tourism boards and travel brands to get them seen and appreciated across various social platforms.


I’ve traveled well over a million miles across the world my entire life.  I grew up in Tripoli, Libya, my college years found me in rapidly changing London and my real life education continues in diverse cultures around the world. 

How can i assist your brand?

  •  Create compelling digital content for your brand via photography and/or video.
  • Social Media sharing via Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube Channels.
  • Blog Articles, Reviews, and/or Guest Blog Posts.
  • Direct email campaign to my extensive mailing list.
  • Video storytelling.  Cinemagraphs.   Tiny Planet.   360° Video and Photographs.  360° Virtual Tours.  Drone video footage and photography.  Time Lapse.
  • Photography via cameras which are full frame high-end including: Hasselblad H5D-50, Canon 5D Mark IV, Hasselblad HV.  For a richer look, Hasselblad 500cm (medium format film), Mamiya RZ67 or Large format film.
  • Video content created with Canon XF, GoPro 5, GoPro Fusion Ricoh Theta V (360° video), Time Lapse. 
  • Digital consulting.  
  • I conduct workshops to teach your staff how to easily create pointed digital content with the latest trends and gadgets.
  • Development and collaboration of special projects connecting your brand to a meaningful cause and message. I’ve created and self-funded various projects that aid others throughout the world.
  • Brand Ambassadorship.  Brand Hero.  Brand Loyalty Content.

Media Examples


I capture and produce the highest quality images in a variety of sizes for multi-purpose use. Professional award winning travel photographer. Let's work together. We can tell a brilliant story.


Together, we can tell your story via compelling short videos, 360° virtual tours and more. There are no limits with the power of video combined with social media and your website.

Achievements & Projects

  • Light and Composition regards me as one of the Top 100 Travel Photographers In The World.

  • Two Best Selling Photography Books and fastest selling books for my publisher.

  • Numerous awards for photography over the last ten years. 

  • My images are represented in galleries across the world.

  • Self-funded ongoing project in Bali helping a young man preserve Balinese culture through photography, video, writing and music. 

  • Self-funded project in Bhutan teaching Bhutanese the art of photography so they can tell the story of their country and culture.

  • International Leadership Program, Oxford University.

  • Grammy nomination for Best Album Cover Art for “Recollections” by Asia featuring John Payne.

  • Creation and design of The Gentleman Wayfarer Journal Series.

  • Collaboration with other authors in a variety of published books.

  • The Gentleman Wayfarer Travel Blog, Mark Paulda Photography Art Website, Wayfarer Stock Photography Website all rank on page one for a variety of search terms.

  • All profits from digital media projects with brands and/0r consultation are used to help educate young photographers throughout the world.


let's be awesome together

I love getting to know people around the world.  Many of my best friends and even great loves are people whom I met  when they emailed to introduce themselves.  

Yes, it's really me, not an assistant, and I reply to all.