Photography is a creative field of study.  You can not just turn on your camera and expect magic to happen.  It takes time and practice.  A lot of practice

Photography is about the frame you put around an image, yet the story doesn’t end there.  It goes beyond the frame, through a kind of intuition.  It captures the gesture of a particular moment and conveys a message through careful thought and emphasis on certain key features.  It says – LOOK!  This Photo Is Special!

This is why I begin this series about photo composition – to get you to the special part by learning to see in a new way.  By that, I mean learning more about and mastering composition.

When you make a composition, there are countless possibilities.  In the weeks ahead, I’ll help you explore the possibilities.

So, what is photo composition?

Photo composition is the arrangement of elements in a photograph.

That’s it.  Simple as that.   Composition means what the photograph is made up of.  Photographs are merely visual information whether a photo is artistic or a simple documentation of a subject.  So, basically, when you compose a photo when you travel, you are deciding which elements to include when you click your shutter release button.

What’s more – composition is the essence of good photography.   You could even say the composition is the most important element of a photograph.  I would say that before anything else.

A poor composition can make a fantastic subject look dull and uninteresting.  But, a well-set scene can create a wonderful image from the most ordinary of situations.  That’s right, a good composition can make the ordinary look extraordinary.  This is our goal in this photography composition series.  I want to help you make your next travel photos sensational.

In the posts ahead I will go into detail about the rules or laws of composition.  Don’t worry, we are not going to spend hours discussing the overrated rule of thirds.  And, don’t feel you’ve got to remember every one of these rules and apply them to every photo you take.  Every rule and element in the posts ahead are aimed to help you.  Soon, you’ll guide your viewer’s attention in the way you want your photograph to be perceived.

Spend time practising each one of the photography elements and in turn, the rules will become second nature – meaning you will automatically put the rules into practice without thinking.  You’ll soon learn to spot situations where the different rules can be applied to the best effect.

Does this sound like a challenge?  It can be, though with practice, and I do mean a lot of practice, you will master composition with no trouble.

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