Words of Wisdom About Photo Composition

If you have participated in each of the lessons in this course, you now know the rules of composition.  You also know it is ok to break the rules if you can do this effectively.  Additionally, with each lesson, we have had a good practice which allowed you to put the rules into practice.

You may still be asking yourself what is the secret to creating amazing photos with brilliant composition?  The answer is no secret at all.  The answer is practice.   Practice, practice, practice and more practice. 

I can’t stress this enough.  

Practice will give you experience.  The more photos you take practising everything we have discussed during this course the better photographer you will become.  All of the so-called rules will come to you without thinking.  I promise.  It may seem like you’re not doing anything special, but actually, you are quickly taking stock of things like leading lines, filling your frame, or avoiding the middle though your not consciously thinking about it.  All the elements talked about are very important to your photography composition and while it may seem overwhelming at first, grasping these tools means that you control exactly how your audience views your photos.

Take your camera everywhere you go and set aside time each day or each week to take photographs.  I often hear this from people – there is nothing interesting to photograph where I live.  There is your challenge.  Make the uninteresting interesting through your photography.  If you can do this, you know you’ve mastered composition, conveying a message and photography.

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