Examples of Leading Lines

You always want the viewer of your photographs to know where to look. You don’t want them confused or chances are they won’t look at your photos at all. That’s not a good thing, right?

Leading lines are an easy way to lead your viewer right into your photograph. By using lines, you are controlling the way people’s eyes move around an image.

Roads are always an easy place to find lines as seen in this photo. There are three lines in this image, well four actually. There are the obvious painted lines on the pavement and the line created by the metal guardrail at the edge of the road. Do you see the other line? Yes, the line of shrubs and the line of dirt between the shrubs and the guardrail. Each of these lines draws the eye directly to the mountain in the background.   Is this an interesting photograph? I’ll let you decide, though a good composition has been achieved because of the leading lines.

This image is also a great example of the effective use of shadows. The lines from the shadows and light create brilliant leading lines drawing the viewer right into the photograph. The composition of the image is also very strong because of the fantastic use of leading lines.

Some sort of light source creates the explosion of lines in this photo. Are these fireworks in the sky? Perhaps the better question is do the lines lead the eye to the elevated platform? Or, does the eye go to the platform then follow the lines? Each of us will look at the photo differently.

What I  know is this is line overload, right? The composition is very strong. This is a simple photo with elements that make for a stunning photo.

Remember, lines are everywhere and the source of lines can be derived from almost anything.

Where does the eye go in this photograph? We all go to the ice cream, right?  Again, this simple image is effective and the eye moves from the lower right corner right up the arm and hand of the man to the ice cream cone.

Please take note – The line is created by a part of the body.  Lines are everywhere.

The tire tracks in the snow are used effectively to direct the viewer’s eye directly to the mountain. If I had to take a guess, this image was taken somewhere in Iceland, which is a photographer’s paradise.

The composition is strong because of the lines, but can you think how the image could be made even better?

Visualize one tire track (line) leading toward the mountain and the frame filled a bit more with the mountain more prominently displayed.

When you are out with your camera, take the time to explore all possibilities and perspectives. When you do, chances are you will walk away with stunning photographs. 

Lines appear in your photography, whether you plan for them or not. It’s an essential element of composition to learn and understand because these lines significantly affect your viewers and how they perceive your image.  Strengthen your photo composition even more by reading this article about the importance of leading lines.



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