What is Dutch Tilt?

Always look forward but don’t always look straight.

Horizontal lines lend a static, calm feel to a photograph, while vertical ones often suggest permanence and stability.  Both horizontal lines and vertical lines are good traitsTo introduce a feeling drama, movement or uncertainty, try tilting your camera.  This is known as the dutch tilt technique sometimes used (and sometimes overused) in movies.

Tilting, even if just slightly, tends to increase the perspective of your scene.  You simply tilt the camera as you take the shot.  This can be very effective though it doesn’t suit every shot.  It is best to use this technique sparingly.

It is a strange angle for your audience to view from BUT it the tilt will certainly get a viewers attention as they quickly have to figure out why they are looking at the scene from a particular and odd angle.

The Dutch Tilt can be used for dramatic effect and can be very powerful visually and emotionally to your audience.  The tilt helps to portray unease, disorientation, frantic or desperate action, intoxication, madness, etc…

Download a free PDF with some nice examples of Dutch Tilt, and also there is a cool video on Vimeo you can watch that shows how Dutch Tilt is used effectively in movies.   The Dutch Tilt video is directly below for you to watch.

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