Sense of Movement Exercise.

The idea behind this rule is you allow your subject to move into an area.  There is more space in front of your subject than behind.  This can be achieved either with a subject physically moving in a direction or simply by the direction a person’s eyes are looking in a portrait.

Your challenge is two-fold – two challenges in one.

1.  Interpret the word UNCERTAINTY by creating a photo.   When someone looks at your image, immediately they must get a sense that something is going to happen, but we are not sure what it is.  

If it helps, the official definition of Uncertainty is: 
not able to be relied upon;
not known or definite; 
not completely confident or sure of something;   
the state of being uncertain.

2.  Include a sense of movement in your photo.   Be sure there is enough space for your subject to move in a particular direction.  Leave more space ahead of your subject than behind it.

If you have questions, please post them in the comments below.
When you are finished with the sense of movement challenge, share your image with me via Twitter.  My home at Twitter is: @MarkPaulda

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