Leading Lines

Lead your viewer’s eyes into your photograph.    Tell your viewer where you want them to look by merely using lines.  Leading lines are (almost) everywhere you look.  It’s true.  Look around where you are at this exact moment.

Are you ready for your photo composition challenge?

Go outside and look for lines around your home.  If you are near a road, remember safety first.  Make lots of creative images with the leading lines you find.

Don’t just stay at eye level.  Go High and go low for varied perspectives.  Even turn sideways if you need to for the great shot.

And, forget your camera’s LCD screen exists.  Look through your camera’s viewfinder to frame your photograph before you click the shutter.

Take at least twenty (20) photos using leading lines.

If you need a refresher about the importance of leading lines for strong photo composition, read Pixpa’s outstanding guide to  the lines we find everywhere.

If you have any questions, find me on Twitter.  Also, when you are finished, share your leading line photos with me on Twitter.  My home at Twitter is @MarkPaulda

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