Horizontal vs Vertical

Every scene and situation is different.  The previous is an obvious statement, isn’t it?

It’s best to always – ALWAYS – look through your camera’s viewfinder.  Forget your camera has a fabulous LCD screen on its back even if it’s the best LCD screen in the world.  When you use your camera’s viewfinder, you become connected not only to your camera but the scene you’re capturing as well.

Over the last couple of weeks, I shared numerous images.  You were shown both horizontal and vertical orientations of the same scene.  You can do the very same when you are taking your photographs.   Yes, capture images with both orientations and see firsthand what works best for your photos.

With every topic, there is a challenge.

This is what I want you to do.   Find a subject, maybe a person or a pet.   Then make a portrait – first, landscape/horizontal and second, portrait/vertical.  So, you will take two photos of the very same scene and subject.

After you create your images, compare the two and ask yourself which photograph has the strongest photo composition.

I’d love to see the photos you create.  Please share them with me via Twitter.  My Twitter home is : @MarkPaulda

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