This may be the best lesson to learn with regard to photography.  Breaking the rules of photo composition.  

Photo composition is basically visual language – you can use it to pass along a particular message.  You can use strong photo composition to convince people of an emotion or idea.

Just as we sometimes use the written word to create a deliberately jarring effect, we can do the same with photos by breaking standard composition rules.

Most of us recognise, understand and appreciate the “rules” of photography, BUT each one of us is different and we all view the world in our own unique way.  Sometimes you might want to deliberately centre your subject, ignore leading lines, or intentionally forget to leave space to move and you might not want to fill your frame.  That’s ok.  All that means is you’re a rebel like me.

Welcome to the world of breaking the rules of photo composition.  When you understand the rules of composition and break them on purpose, things start to get interesting.  Your creativity can flourish.  It is often best to start off by breaking one rule at a time, however.

Just remember for every rule there is a great picture that proves you can disregard it and still produce a fantastic image. 

Despite all the rules, if you take a photo that looks great but doesn’t meet the criteria set out by the photography gods, it’s ok.  You still have a fabulous photograph.

That said, in the next post let’s put your knowledge of the rules to the test.

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