What did we just do?

Throughout the various blog posts, we have discussed various elements of photo composition that will help you create stunning images.

We began with an explanation of the definition of photo composition, then we looked at a lot of examples of images with strong photo composition, and we put the elements of photo composition into practice via various exercises.  You completed the exercises, right?

By the way, the images we’ve looked at throughout the process were other people’s photographs.  I always love viewing other people’s photographs for great ideas and inspiration.  Looking at other photographer’s work is a super way to learn.

Remember, the elements of photo composition we discussed include: simplifying your scene, textures, shadows, silhouettes, patterns, filling your frame, avoiding the middle, sense of movement and how dutch tilt can add drama to your photo.  We also discussed how to use backgrounds and colour to your advantage.

So, now it’s time to test your knowledge.  We will look at a series of photographs.  Look at each photograph, then identify the elements of photo composition the photographers used to create their images.

At the beginning of the quiz – the first few photos, you may need to take time to study each photo in order to determine which elements of photo composition were used.  By the end of the quiz, you’ll be able to identify the elements straight away.

Good Luck With The Quiz and let me know how you fared.  Leave a comment below or send me a message on Twitter.  My Twitter home is @MarkPaulda

Download the free PDF for an additional Photo Composition Challenge.

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