Before we wrap up the photo composition mini-course, I want to share with you one more important part of being a photographer. 

As you fine-tune your photography composition skills, start thinking about your style.  Yes, that’s right style. When other people look at your photographs, you want them to view them and immediately say – “Hey, this is unmistakably your work.  I love your style.” 

Work especially hard at creating photographs that only you can take – photos that are unique to you.

This is especially important if you intend to sell your photos commercially.  Creating your own style will make your hard work more marketable.  People will WANT to buy our photos.  Additionally, if your style is absolutely wonderful, magazines and the like will want to work with you over and over again.  Do keep this in mind.  A style is just as important as composition.  In fact, the two go hand in hand.

Thank you for joining me in this course.  I enjoyed working with you and seeing your progress through the course.  

Stop back at any time.  I’d like to see how you get on.  If you have any questions, please ask, even after your completion of the course.  The journey doesn’t end here.

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