Tango in the streets, brightly coloured buildings, sidewalk cafes and even the tourist trap souvenir shops should lead you to Buenos Aires’s ethnic neighbourhood of Caminito.  

 Travel Destination – Caminito in the La Boca District of Buenos Aires

A visit to Buenos Aires is not complete without at least a few hours in Caminito in the La Boca District of Buenos Aires. Originally settled by Italian immigrants, this area continues to be a popular destination.  Only a few streets, the buildings are painted with brightly coloured hues.  One can not help but be taken by it all. Expect to find street cafés all about, an abundance of tourist shops, artists displaying their works, and tango dancers ready to teach you a few steps.

All in all, I love Buenos Aires, and all it has to offer.  As a travel destination, the city should be on your top ten places to visit.   The culture is incredible, and the people are warm in nature.  I’ve had fantastic experiences here.  Truly, Buenos Aires is one of the cities of the world I often think about long after I leave.  It is also a city where I will return over, and over again.

La Boca can be a fun area to explore, but be cautioned not to stray away from the main streets.  Enough said here, and the local police will warn you as well.

A little more about La Boca in Buenos Aires ::

La Boca is one of Buenos Aires’s 48 barrios or neighbourhoods. It is located at the southeastern part of the city, near the old port in the mouth (Boca in Spanish) of the Rio de la Plata. Nearby barrios are Barracas in the west, and San Telmo and Puerto Madero to the north. Many of the district’s residents are of European descent. This is because the old port was where the Italian, Spanish, Basque, French, and German immigrants arrived.

Inside La Boca, you will feel as if you’ve stepped back in time as the neighbourhood still retains its Genoese look with traditional colourful wooden houses. While some inhabitants still spoke the Genoese dialect in the late 20th century, use of the dialect has been in recent decline. Presently, La Boca is part artist colony and part working-class neighbourhood.

If you plan to visit Buenos Aires make a point to visit La Boca. The colourful houses, pedestrian-friendly walkways, little shops and restaurants make for a pleasant day of sightseeing and shopping. The street of Caminito is the centre of tourist activity in the barrio, and of particular interest for people who are into the dancing the tango. Here, tango artists perform in the many tango clubs found on the street. Tango-related memorabilia is sold in most shops.

Aside from tango, La Boca is also the home of the Boca Juniors, one of Argentina’s biggest soccer teams.  To experience the unique flavour of an Argentine soccer match, grab a ticket and watch the games at the La Boca soccer stadium, La Bombonera.

For those who are more into art than sports, there is the Fine Arts Museum of La Boca. It is also called the Museo de Bellas Artes Quinquela Martin as it used to be the residence and studio of the artist. 

La Boca is touristy, so do know this.  Also be aware of your belongings and don’t stray from the main tourist area.

Map Showing the Location of La Boca (Caminito) in Buenos Aires ::


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