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I can’t resist sharing these images captured with the iPhone during a walk through the outskirts of the Thamel area of Kathmandu.  Away from the myriad of tourists, and tourist shops, I found an area far more interesting a few streets away. Unsure where I was going, I walked and found a purely genuine, and beautiful Kathmandu.

The perpetual noise of the city faintly touched this area reminds me of just how hectic Kathmandu is.   Life slowed down here and I appreciated the authenticity of how life is lived.  In a remote sense, if there was a Nepalese Norman Rockwell, he would have painted these scenes.

Nothing was staged for tourists, and only day to day life occurred just as it should.

Thamel is distinguished by its narrow alleys crowded with various shops and vendors. Commonly sold goods include food, fresh vegetables/fruits, pastries, trekking gear, walking gear, music, DVDs, handicrafts, souvenirs, woollens, and clothes. Travel agencies, small grocery stores, budget hotels and restaurants also line the streets. Cars, cycle rickshaws, two-wheelers and taxis ply these narrow streets alongside hundreds of pedestrians.

The area has been the centre of the tourist industry in Kathmandu for over four decades, starting from the hippie days when many artists came to Nepal and spent weeks in Thamel. Even though Thamel has been referred to as a “ghetto” by some, many low-budget travellers consider it a hot-spot for tourism.

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Map Showing the Location of Thamel Kathmandu




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