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The Grand Palace in Bangkok was my first true “taste” of  Southeast Asian culture and architecture.  My camera went into overtime, though my curious mind sped even faster.  Quickly, I was enchanted with a culture truly foreign to my own, and full of questions that had to be answered.

The opulence of the Grand Palace mesmerised me as there was so much to take in, not just from a historical standpoint, but also what was taking place in real-time as there is an active Buddhist Temple on the palace grounds.

This was my introduction to Buddhism so my eyes and mind were overloaded.  The door swung open and I craved learning more about this Eastern way of thinking.  Curious minds explore.  My mind travels often whether I am in a foreign country, or not.  If you, too, wonder and are a wanderer, I highly suggest Bangkok be added to your travel destination list.  Travel adventures are not always physically climbing to new heights but also testing what you know and who you are.

Consider these interesting facts about The Grand Palace in Bangkok ::
::  The palace is surrounded by walls more than a mile long and has an enclosed complex with an area of 218.400 square meters.
::  Due to the shortage of materials and the lack of economic resources, the building materials used were mostly wood.
::  The magnificent architecture of the Grand Palace is inspired by Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand.  It is 150 years old.   It was the home to the Thai King and the Royal court.
::  A major attraction in the Grand Palace is the Emerald Buddha, which is almost 18 inches tall and is carved from a single block of emerald.  It is the most revered of all Buddha in Thailand.
::  The Thai Grand Palace contains some of the finest Thai architecture, Buddhist sculpture, decorative crafts and paintings in  Thailand.
::  The Emerald Buddha is covered in seasonal costume.  The costume is changed three times a year in Winter, Summer and the rainy season.  The changing ritual is performed only by the King to bring good fortune to the country during each season.
Map Showing the Grand Palace in Bangkok ::


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