It is entirely possible that New York City was made for photographers.  Any photo you capture could easily say – This is New York.  If you are a keen street photographer, what I’ve just said is absolutely true.  

Strangely, I’ve always found NYC to be difficult to photograph.  Part of my problem is I’m accustomed to wide open spaces of Texas.  In New York everything is way up in the air and compact.  My other issue is I’ve never gone to New York with the intention of just taking photographs.  I’ve had no plan.  And, I’m unsure what interests me the most in the city to capture with my camera.  I’m never without a plan.

More importantly, I haven’t allowed myself enough time to properly photograph New York City.  It’s on my list of things to do.  And it does take time if you want to capture splendid photos.  This is true of anything you want to photograph.  

Instead, I’ve capture random shots with no rhyme or reason.  Most photographs were taken in Midtown which is a cool area of Manhattan.  Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station are all fantastic locations.  If you go out and about around three or four in the morning, there is a good chance you’ll have the city to yourself.  That’s not so good for street photography.

My best suggestion for New York City photography is go with a plan.  Know where you’re going and know what you want to photograph.  As always, be prepared for the unexpected as there are brilliant photos waiting to be taken when you least expect it.

Consider the following tips the next time you take your travel photos of New York City ::

Photography Is Legal Anywhere In Public
That means that if you’re taking a picture of someone or something and someone tells you not to, just remember that you’re within your legal rights. A cop can also not take your card away from you or legally tell you to delete a photo. Just remember: public space = total freedom.

Don’t Stop In The Middle of Swarming New Yorkers to Take a Picture
Not only is this dangerous as you’re throwing off the flow of traffic, but it will also get lots of people annoyed at you for doing this. Lots of tourists tend to just stop walking and make a total about face just to take a picture of something like the Empire State Building.  That’s very annoying.

Do Get Out of The Way
If you just step to the side of the on-flowing traffic to take the photo, you’ll be fine.  You won’t upset New Yorkers.

List of Places For Awesome New York City Photo Opportunities
Chinatown used to be worth it, but now it really isn’t.  Be sure to check out Little Italy on weekend nights, South St Seaport, the Top of Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, the High Line, Fort Tryon Park, the USS Intrepid and the West Side Promenade. Additionally, the World Financial Center and Ground Zero offer great photo opps.

Thoroughly Plan Out Your Trips
During the vacation season, New York City becomes very congested with people.  Chances are that you’re going to use MTA’s services like the subway and buses.  Have a map with you and plan the trip out thoroughly so that you’ll get there quickly, safely and without spending lots of money going back and forth on the lines. New York’s Subways offer lots of photo opportunities as well.  Yes, it’s legal.

Remember Times Square Was Re-Designed For You
In summer of 2009, Times Square got transformed into a “Pedestrian Mall.” Most New Yorkers don’t hang out in Times Square unless they’re taking advantage of the lounge chairs. This area was designed for tourists to come take pictures, spend money, and meet lots of crazy folks like the Naked Cowboy, SpongeBob Squarepants and others.

NYC is A Lot Safer Than You Think
New York City is one of the safest cities in the US because of high security, so you shouldn’t really have to worry about being robbed, etc.  However, do exercise caution and common sense. And trust your instincts.

Do Read Your Manual on How to Use Your Camera
Lots of tourists buy a new camera for the journey and don’t read their manuals.  They also don’t know how to actually use their cameras or even to the fullest potential.  You should really read your manual or carry it around.  Better yet, test out your new camera before you travel.

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