For roughly 12 USD or 95 Hong Kong Dollars, Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour is a real sightseeing bargain.  More importantly, Star Ferry offers splendid views of Hong Kong you can’t see otherwise.   There are few sight-seeing activities I’ll partake in these days, but this ferry is worth breaking my rule.  A ride on the water is especially nice when there is a golden sunset ready to glisten on the harbour’s waters.

Star Ferry itself is a beloved Hong Kong icon.  Until 1978 Star Ferry was the only way to cross between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  It shuttled Hong Kong residents for over 120 years until the Cross-Harbour Tunnel opened.  How remarkable the ferry runs as a means of transportation even today.

The harbour tour is an excellent choice for touring Victoria Harbour in roughly an hour.  National Geographic Traveller names crossing Victoria Harbour as one of the “fifty places of a lifetime.”  NG Traveller is enthusiastic it seems, though I’d agree if you should add a ride on the water to your list of things to do in Hong Kong at least once.

You’ll board the tour at Tsim She Tsui Star Ferry Pier at the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula.  A stately double-decker “Shining Star” replica from the 1920’s version awaits you.  Do beware of over-exuberant Australians who are willing to fist fight over the front seats. Thank goodness this gentleman wasn’t involved, though I did witness such sordid behaviour in disbelief.

That said, choose your space, sit back and relax.  Enjoy the glorious Hong Kong views and wonder how the high rises piece together in such neatly packed developments.  I chose to stay on deck for most of the journey with my GoPro attached to the bow of the boat.  You can view sights from the Star Ferry Harbour Tour in the video above.

Star Ferry also offers a night tour and a Symphony of Lights Tour for a higher price, though still affordable for any traveller.

Gallery of Photos from Star Ferry Harbour Tour

Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour Route Map

Star Ferry Timetable

Where Is Tsim Sh Tsui Star Ferry Pier?
GPS Coordinates of Star Ferry Pier ::  22.2938° N, 114.1687° E

Map Showing Location of Tsim Sh Tsui Star Ferry Pier




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