A Colourful parade in the Giyanar District of Bali Indonesia.  Watch the video as locals from villages parade through the streets of Bali in traditional Balinese dress.  Festive live music adds to the delightful atmosphere.  
In this parade, people representing a variety of villages are traditionally dressed in bright vibrant colours and their faces are painted as you would see during a village ceremony.  Each village also creates a large “float,” if you will.  (Think American parades during the New Year celebrations.)  The massive and ornately decorated floats are carried on the male villager’s shoulders from the beginning of the parade until the end.  Now, that’s a workout!   Loud beats from drums set the cadence of everyone’s steps.  There are cheers from the spectators, who are shoulder to shoulder along the streets of Giyanar, and special approval when one’s own villagers pass by.
The parade and showmanship are a competition of sorts and a friendly one at that.  Of course, I have an affinity to the village named Penempaham.  Penempaham is where my Bali story began three years ago.  You can read about my Balinese journey throughout this blog.
This day was due to be an opportunity to photograph and capture video of traditional costume and Balinese Hindu symbols from people of different villages.  All went well until I realised there was no battery in the camera.  Yes, I am indeed a professional.  I am also human with a forgetful mind.
I accomplished half of the mission as I witnessed a remarkable cultural display and a lot of beautiful people.  The other half of the task was merely captured with the iPhone.  Hey ho.
Each time I’m in Bali, my affinity and respect grow for the Balinese.  I see the good and the darker sides of their religion; mostly good.
Travel Destination:  Bali Indonesia

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