Travel Destination :: Aruba. One Happy Island.
My project to photograph landscapes under the full moon began right here.  I love long exposure photography at any time, anywhere in the world.  The natural glow of the full moon graces a landscape like no other time.   The lone beach umbrella on the magical white sand in Aruba with the ocean blue in the background epitomizes what a beach holiday should be – pure serenity.
Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.”  I found nothing but full bliss during my first visit to this island.  As a relaxing travel destination where the locals will greet you with smiles and laughter each day, I highly recommend visiting.  You might think a short break will be sufficient, but don’t be surprised if you will want to extend your stay.  Aruba is THAT nice.
And, one might not expect to find a desert landscape in the Caribbean, though do expect one in Aruba.  When you get away from the beach finding a rugged terrain with tall cactus plants is a pleasant surprise.

As you decide if the happy island is right for you, consider these interesting Aruba facts ::
  1. Situated on the American continent, Aruba is an island in the Southern Caribbean Sea, 18 miles (29 kilometres) north of the coast of Venezuela.
  2. Its coordinates are 5000° N, 69.9667° W.
  3. Aruba’s population reached 103,000 in 2013.
  4. It has a total area of 74.5 square miles (193 square kilometres).
  5. You might be surprised to find out that Aruba’s official languages are Dutch and Papiamento.
  6. Aruba’s capital is Oranjestad (translated to ‘Orange Town’ in Dutch), a bustling and metropolitan seaport with a population of 28,295 (2010).
  7. The average lifespan here is 75 years (2012).
  8. The currency is called the Aruban Florin.
  9. Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid landscape heavily speckled with cacti, meaning the humidity is low and rainfall is minimal.  I’m ready to return
  10. To elaborate, it has an average annual temperature of 28°C (82°F), but the trade winds mean it doesn’t get too hot.
  11. Aruba is surrounded by clear blue seas and pure white sand… take us, take us now.
  12. Whilst exploring, keep your eyes out for iguanas, goats, donkeys, strange boulder formations and the remains of a Spanish gold mine…
  13. … It has been said that Aruba’s name has been linked with the Spanish phrase ‘oro huba’, which means ‘there was gold’, though more likely, it probably comes from two Carib Indian words ‘ora’ meaning ‘shell’ and ‘oubao’ meaning ‘island’
  14. It’s thought that the Caquetio Indians of the Arawak tribe fled to Aruba perhaps as long as 4000 years ago.
  15. Alonso de Ojeda, a Spanish explorer, was the first European to land on the Island in 1499.
  16. Aruba’s oldest building is called Fort Zoutman and was built in 1798 to protect Oranjestad from pirates.
  17. Tourism is the biggest provider of the country’s income; due to the boom in tourism over the past 80 years, construction has become a successful industry too.
  18. One happy Island is Aruba’s slogan and it adorns the licence plates of Aruban cars.


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