Bhutan, Land of The Thunder Dragon, is tucked amongst the Himalaya Mountains.  The country is remote making it one of the last few untouched places in the world.  Bhutan is almost wholly Buddhist and they measure their quality of life by Gross National Happiness.  To visit Bhutan is akin to taking your soul on a journey of self-discovery.  It is by far one of the few places in the world I have found myself in complete peace and all cares go away.

There are many reasons to love Bhutan and the Bhutanese.  This is my list of 14 Reasons to Love Bhutan:: 

::  Happiness is the key to life.  Instead of Gross National Product (GDP), Bhutan adheres to Gross National Happiness.

::  Colorful festivals including the Paro Festival, which I’ve included in a previous blog post.

::  The Bhutanese love quiet moments and so do I.

::  Bhutan treats is traditions with respect and faithfully follow what came before.

::  The ancient architecture is simple, yet stunning.  Newer construction complements the old very nicely.

::  Majestic Dzongs, or ancient forts, grace every town throughout Bhutan.

::  Bhutan is the Last Shangri-La.  Bhutan, or the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is the only remaining Buddhist Himalayan kingdom.

::  If you love trekking, Bhutan offers epic excursions throughout the Himalayan country.

::  When you visit Bhutan, you’ll be met with rugged and pristine natural wonders everywhere you go.

::  As you drive through the high Himalayan mountain passes, you’ll literally have your head in the clouds.

::  Bhutan’s cultural legacy will touch deeply within you.  Sometimes you don’t realise how much Bhutan touches you until well after you leave the tiny kingdom.

::  Bhutan is pure.  The air is clean and there is an endearing innocence to the people you don’t find in western societies.

::  Bhutan is authentic and genuine.  When a Bhutanese gives his word, you know it’s true.

::  The quiet in Bhutan and the quiet nature of the Bhutanese people show peace is indeed a virtue.  You’ll be at ease during your time in Bhutan.

::  Picturesque monasteries, such as Tiger’s Nest, will leave you speechless.

That’s 15 reasons to Love Bhutan.  I got carried away.  If you have questions about visiting the Tiny Kingdom of Bhutan, send me an email.  I’ll be pleased to help.

My affection for Bhutan cannot easily fit into words.  When I returned from this tiny kingdom, I couldn’t view my photos without tears falling.  Something beneath the surface happened while I was in Bhutan and to this day I can’t explain what it is.  Is it the decided ease and peace I felt; one I hadn’t felt before or since?  The idea of this is absolutely possible.  

Few places in this world take a tight hold on me and touch deep in my soul.  Bhutan is one of the places and to this day, it has not let go.

If you have a Bhutan story to tell, please do share.

Destination:  Bhutan

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