Are you considering a trip to Hong Kong?  Here are 12 Awesome Reasons to Visit Hong Kong.  This is a vibrant modern city still connected to its historic past.  

Hong Kong is a good example of giving a travel destination a second chance.  In years past, I had barely a stopover or a mere two days in Hong Kong.  This is not nearly enough time to scratch the surface as the city has so much to offer.

Hong Kong is not for the faint of heart if you are on a budget.  The city lives large and a stay here can set your wallet back.  Be prepared to spend and have little except a good time to show for it.  The peninsula is beautiful and the surrounding mountains create a natural boundary for the ego-driven skyscrapers that touch the shores.

Much like New York City, you’ll feel ant size while walking beneath the towering buildings.  The stretches between destinations are further than you think so using public transportation is highly recommended.  The transport system, whether via subway/metro or Tram is very simple to navigate.

I went from “meh” to I like Hong Kong during this last journey.  Let’s see if next time I fall in love.

For now, here are my 12 Reasons To Visit Hong Kong ::

::  Sail around the harbour on the Star Ferry.  Seeing Hong Kong’s massive skyscrapers from the water will give you a new appreciation for what a metropolis should be.

::  Public transportation in Hong Kong is efficient, clean and safe.  Navigating the city is easy even for a first-time visitor to Hong Kong.

::  The Mongkok neighbourhood with its infinity pool of neon signs is mesmerising.

::  Be adventurous and eat at any number of small restaurants or food stalls.  You’ll be happy you did, and your tummy will be happy too.

::  Temple Street Night Market should be on your Hong Kong to do list.  Yes, you’ll find some junk but you’ll also find some artistic treasures.

::  Walk amongst Hong Kong’s epic skyscrapers.  Challenge yourself by navigating the elevated walkways and arriving at the place you want to go.

::  Hong Kong is an uber-modern city, but there are elements of Old China that are fascinating.  Keep your eyes open.

::  Tai O Fishing Village is worth a stop and will give you a sense of what Hong Kong used to be.

::  The double-decker tram ride through Hong Kong is a brilliant way to see the city.

::  360 Nyong Ping is the most dramatic cable car ride you could possibly have especially when you ride through the mountains and the clouds.

::  Big Buddha is … BIG.  They claim it is the largest Buddha statue in the world.  If you avoid the shops and the touristy area, you’ll enjoy the experience.

Destination:  Hong Kong

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