There are few dishes that can truly be considered timeless. Filet Mignon with a Green Peppercorn Sauce is one of them. You can find this dish, or a variation of it, on menus of fine restaurants all over the world. And deservedly so.

Here is a short video on how to create this all-time favourite. It is really quite simple, quite quick, and absolutely delicious. Start with the finest cut of beef, the filet mignon, then using the juices you will learn to create a delicious sauce with green peppercorns as the focus. This is as quick and easy as you can get, a meal for special occasions, or just because. The green peppercorn sauce adds a completely different dimension to this timeless classic.

One important thing to take away from this video is the process of making the sauce from the juices, adding wine, reducing, seasoning and finishing. This process is used over and over again in making sauces for almost any dish. The variations being the flavouring; choice of wine or other liquid, choice of seasoning, choice of thickening agent, and so on. If you learn and follow this technique, you can always make a quick delicious sauce for almost any dish.

A Quick Green Peppercorn Sauce

After cooking the filet mignon, deglaze the pan with wine. You can substitute cognac if you like for a slightly stronger, different flavour. Also, add a half cup or so of beef stock, and reduce. Be mindful to whisk quite often. After the mixture is reduced by half, add butter and heavy cream. Both of these will act as thickening agents adding richness and flavour. Continue to reduce while whisking. Add the green peppercorns with the juice to taste. When you have achieved the desired consistency, serve with the filet mignon.

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