City Hall is part of the More London development located between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, on the south bank of the Thames. It was designed by Foster + Partners, one of Britain’s leading architects.

Controlling the heat build up that comes from exposure to sunlight is very important in a glass building. City Hall is designed to do this in a number of ways:

  • in conventional terms, the building has no front or back – it’s a geometrically modified sphere. This minimises the surface area of the roof exposed to direct sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat build up inside the building
  • the building’s spherical shape means it has around 25 percent less surface area than a cube of the same volume. This means that less heat escapes during the winter, and the building doesn’t get too hot in the summer
  • the building leans back away from the river, to present as little surface area to the sun as possible. This also means that the building does not leave the river walking in shadow.
  • the floor plates at the back of the building are staggered inwards, providing natural shading for the floor beneath.

London City Hall and the More London development are interesting areas to explore with your camera.  The estate is situated adjacent to Tower Bridge and right at the River Thames.  Indeed, the City Hall area is a perfect place to photograph London.  There are so many angles and perspectives so do plan to spend a bit of time here.  Each time I venture to City Hall with my camera I find a new way to photograph it.

Where is London City Hall?  How do I get to London City Hall?
London City Hall GPS Coordinates ::  51.5048° N, 0.0786° W

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