At first glance, you might think the London Bridge area is nothing more than a high traffic (pedestrian and road). At nearly all times, day or night, there is a lot of activity around London Bridge.

My best suggestion is to start at the London Bridge Underground Station. When you arrive at street level, make your way to any number of side streets off of Tooley Street or Southwark Street. Tooley and Southwark Streets are on opposite sides of the main thoroughfare.

The best plan is to have no plan. Simply wind your way through the many side streets around London Bridge Station and Borough Market. With each turn, you will find something fascinating to photograph. For this reason, I list the London Bridge area as one of the best places to photograph London.


Where is London Bridge Station? How Do I Get To London Bridge Station?
London Bridge Station GPS Coordinates ::  51.5047° N, 0.0860° W



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