photo showing entrance to city of london

Strategically placed around the perimeters of the “Square Mile,” are statues of dragons holding the shield of St George signifying your entrance into the City of London.  No, no!  Not sprawling London as a whole, but the 1.12 square miles that make up the historical centre of trading and business.

History can take you back to when London was known as Londinium when the Romans established a settlement around 43AD.  It is safe to say the Romans were the first presence of life in London as archaeologists have found no evidence of pre-Roman  signs of significant life beforehand.  

You can find segments of the London Wall, which was built by the Romans, near Tower Hill Underground Station.  The Romans built the wall sometime around 190AD and 225AD.  The boundaries of the Roman city were quite close to this of the City of London today except the City extends further west than Lononinium’s Ludgate.  Remember also the River Thames was wider back then than it is today so the shoreline of Londoninium was slightly north of the City of London’s present shoreline.

Of course the City of London grew by leaps and bounds over hundreds and hundreds of years.  The beauty of the square mile is it continues to transform London’s skyline with modern architecture at a seemingly rapid pace.

This is a lot to say about statues of a dragon tho’ there is rich history behind them.  Are the statues themselves the best places to photograph London?  No, not really save for the one located in The Strand.  

The City of London itself is worth a day, and even a weekend, to explore with your camera.  Only about 9,400 people live within the City today tho’ about 300,000 commute to the area each day for work.  After work hours and weekends are ideal for keen creative photographers as you will have the City of London virtually to yourself. 

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