London Colisseum illuminated at night and Red Phone Boxes

When the London Coliseum originally opened in 1904, it was London’s largest and most luxurious variety theatres.  It was referred to as the people’s palace of entertainment at the time.  Even today, with 2,59 seats, the Coliseum is the largest theatre in London.

The theatre has been used for variety shows, stage plays, musical comedies, and screening films throughout the years.  After the Sadler’s Wells Opera Company moved into the building in 1968, the name changed to the English National Opera.  Today the London Coliseum is used primarily for opera as well as being the London home of the English National Ballet.

I’ve attended numerous English National Opera productions including “The Marriage of Figaro” and “Sweeney Todd.”  What rich entertainment you can enjoy at any number of productions throughout each season, but be sure to have your camera in hand when you walk out the doors into St Martin’s Lane.

St Martin’s Lane has always been one of my favourite roads in Central London.  There is no rhyme nor reason to my fondness of this street except it seems more civilised than others and the numerous theatres dotted along St Martin’s.  Of course you’ll find the London Coliseum which is a challenge to photograph.  My best advice is to jockey yourself around St Martin’s Lane as well as the area in front of the National Portrait Gallery along Charing Cross Road.  I especially love the red phone boxes and the tall leafy trees that add interesting elements into any London photograph.

Is the London Coliseum one of the best places to photograph London?  No, not exactly.  The coliseum building itself is indeed quite stunning especially with the spinning finial like part of the structure.  The interesting part of the area is challenging yourself to capture a great photograph in and around the Coliseum area.  To top it off, Trafalgar Square is mere steps away where a myriad of fabulous London photographs await you.

Where is the ENO London Coliseum?  How Do I Get To the London Coliseum?
ENO London Coliseum GPS Coordinates :: 51.5098° N, 0.1268° W

Map Showing the Location of the English National Opera London Coliseum ::

Map Showing Location of London Colisseum

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