I always want the end of Regent Street to offer incredible photographs.  The truth is the end of Regent Street (between Oxford Street and the beginning of Portland Street) is not that interesting.  The walk is sort of dull.  What a fantastic way to convince you to make this trek?

The truth is if you’re at Oxford Circus, you might as well continue the walk to All Souls Langham Place, a church, and the BBC Broadcasting House.

The contrast of old London architecture and contemporary architecture is interesting.  You can find the combination in a number of areas throughout London.  I especially love the rounded entrance to the All Souls church as it is situated as the Regent Street curves into Portland Street.  If you enjoy capturing light trails from moving traffic, this is a splendid place for you.

You’ll find the BBC Broadcasting House directly behind the All Souls church.  I find night time to be best to photograph in this area as the BBC illuminates in a fabulous cobalt blue.  I was short on time to capture images tho’ it is high on my list to return.

How do you get to the End of Regent Street?  Begin at Oxford Circus then walk northward along Regent Street.  So easy.

Map Showing the Location of the End of Regent Street ::

Map Showing the End of Regent Street

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