The City of London is the historic heart of London. This area was already a bustling trading post almost 2000 years ago when it was part of the Roman Empire. Many of the irregular streets still follow the ancient Roman roads. The boundaries of the City also loosely follow the path of the Roman wall that was built here in the 2nd century AD.

Today the City is a mostly commercial district dominated by the stately buildings and skyscrapers that house offices for the finance industry. There are however plenty historical landmarks that were built in an era when the City was still densely populated. The star here is the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral, but there are also noteworthy civil structures such as the Guildhall and the Leadenhall Market. And the Museum of London, which is appropriately located in the oldest part of London, documents the tumultuous history of the city.

Because of its rich history, winding streets and plethora of historical landmarks, The City, or Square Mile, nears the top of the best places to photograph London.  You could spend an entire day (or night) in the area.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and plan to explore the area with your camera.

Where Is The City of London?  How Do I Get To The City Of London?
GSP Coordinates of The City Of London :: 51.5155°N 0.0922°W

Map Showing Location of The City of London



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