Located in this spot in a number of forms since the 13th century (possibly since 1014), Borough Market has enjoyed an astonishing renaissance in the past 15 years. Always overflowing with food lovers, inveterate gastronomes, wide-eyed visitors and Londoners in search of inspiration for their dinner party, Borough Market has become firmly established as a sight in its own right. The market specialises in high-end fresh products; there are also plenty of takeaway stalls and an almost unreasonable number of cake stalls.

Cake stalls? Count me in.

The market is uber crowded on Saturdays, so be aware of this when you arrive with your camera. If you’d like some elbow space to enjoy your photography, you might want to plan an early arrival. Borough Market is one of the best places for London photography if you particularly enjoy candid people shots, street photography and/or food markets.

Note that although the full market runs from Wednesday to Saturday, some traders and takeaway stalls do open Mondays and Tuesdays.

Often I’m in the area at night, which also means the food stalls are closed.  And, there are no cakes.   One good tip is to explore not only the market itself but the surrounding London Bridge area. In some places around Borough Market and London Bridge, you’ll think you’ve stepped into 1850.

Where Is Borough Market? How Do I Get To Borough Market?
Borough Market GPS Coordinates :: 51.5054° N, 0.0911° W

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