It’s no secret White Sands is one of my favourite desert landscape areas – anywhere in the world.  Visit once, twice or more and be in awe each and every time.  As the winds blow, the sands shift in perpetual motion so the dune formations are never the same.  I love this about the sand dunes – ever changing.  My life is at ease with constant change.

Do you have a special place to go when all seems discombobulated in your world?  No doubt I visited White Sands as a kid, though it wasn’t until about ten years ago I visited when I seriously decided to be a photographer. Obsessively, I’d return over and over to photograph this amazing landscape.  It was also during this time everything wasn’t so hunky dory in my world.  Things just weren’t right.

I’d pack up the SUV, drive to the dunes and spend hours in the quiet.  Me, my camera and only a breeze whispering in my ear.  I’d beat the dunes as I climbed to the top, taking out my frustration or disappointment along the way, then sit taking it all in.  There might be a few great photographs from this time as well.

Each time I’d leave the white sand dunes my mind would be clear, I felt calm and a heckuva lot better than when I went in.  I didn’t consciously travel to White Sands to rejuvenate, though this is exactly what happened (and happens) while I’m there.  This area is a special place to me, and undoubtedly unique to this world.  After all, it is the largest gypsum sand dune area in the world.  White Sands is also an area that touches my soul without even trying. 

White Sands National Monument is off the beaten path.  A state highway from Las Cruces, New Mexico or Alamogordo will take you directly to the park.  No major interstate provides direct access.  Is the trip worth your time?  I’ll just say everyone who visits White Sands is in awe.  No one believes it exists even when they stand atop the white gypsum sand.

Perhaps I’ll meet you there one day.

Destination:  White Sands, New Mexico, USA

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