A flashback of old Las Vegas,

The Barrymore, tucked away on a side street off the strip, brings a taste of the glamour days ( not the glitz ) that used to be. You will immediately think…this is what Las Vegas should be.

Check out the unique ceiling made of movie reels and visualize a star or two sitting in a nearby booth.

A continental cuisine (American and French) featuring great steaks, duck, escargot, and foie gras ( pictured below ), complete with a great wine cellar. They have a very professional and knowledgeable staff that will make sure your evening is flawless…and an extensive wine cellar. To top it off, very reasonable prices, which all makes for a great dining experience.

And Las Vegas legend Joe Vento ( pictured below ) greets you at the entrance. Ask nicely and he’ll play a song for you, maybe a Frank Sinatra standard to set the perfect mood. What more could you ask for in Las Vegas?




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