This wonderful little find, Le Bonne Soupe, tucked away on 55th Street in Manhattan serves great fondue! It’s what I would describe as a French/Swiss bistro;  small, unassuming but very inviting, with great food and good prices.  It’s certainly not your typical New York City restaurant, not noisy and crowded, making it a super place to spend a long afternoon lunch.

It’s very easy to miss, as it is not large. I found it while strolling one day on 55th Street (map lower below), it’s menu catching my eye, as I always stop and look restaurant menus.  This one was quite atypical of NYC, so I ventured in to give it a try. Now it’s one of my “must” stops whenever I visit The Big Apple.

As I mentioned, it’s a great spot for a relaxing lunch. Sometimes I get one of their delicious salads with French bread and a bowl of their French onion soup.  Other times it will be a Croque Monsieur, the famous French version of our grilled cheese sandwich.  And then there are times when I just have to have the Swiss cheese fondue  (pictured below), served with fresh hot French bread and apples.  I’ll end the meal with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.  The atmosphere is simple, with a rustic touch, but very welcoming and courteous staff.  Perfect for relaxing in busy Manhattan.

Map Showing Location of Le Bonne Soupe in New York City ::

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