A travel journey is more than going from destination A to B. 

Join a gentleman traveller and photographer, Mark Paulda, as he shares once in a lifetime travel experiences, thoughts on the meaning of travel, and challenging the familiar.  

The Gentleman Wayfarer blog and vlog is an original travel series aimed to inspire you to travel and challenge your familiar.  Join me for colourful travel photography, compelling video and stories.  I won’t tell you where to stay or how to get “there,” but I will share experiences you can take; ones you’ll never forget.

In years past, travel was easy.  Today, travel can be stressful.  Planning a journey, deciding what to pack in your suitcase, time delays, airport security and even more travellers than we’ve ever seen can put a damper on what is supposed to be our escape.  We want to escape our stress of everyday life, but the obstacles can sometimes get the best of us.

Think of Point A to Point B as a necessary evil.  I typically have enough distractions in my carry-on so I’m able to tune out everything around me.  

The journey really begins once you pass through passport control and customs of any given airport.  Once you step outside the customs door, everything from home begins to drift away.  Discovery of new cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, sights you never thought you’d see, new spices and tastes await you.  You’ll find laughter is the best medicine and your the people in your host country will have a sense of humour you weren’t expecting.  You’ll be surprised by new perspectives after you’ve opened your mind to new ways of life and different ways of thinking.  You’ll see colours that delight your senses and hear music you can’t resist.

This new self-discovery awaits you.  It has been waiting for you to arrive.  What you see and learn learn, and what you learn about yourself is the in between.  The best part about travel is you can leave yourself and your home country behind.  You can be anyone you want to be.  You can be your new self or change into a person you never thought you could be.

Be open to anything and everything.  Don’t allow an experience to pass you by.  You’re braver than you know; your mind is ready for new discoveries.  Your heart will thank you after you’ve finished.  You’ll have your own experience of a lifetime.  When you do, come back and tell me about it.

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